ISCC PLUS Certification

Environmental and sustainability compliance for bio-based and recycled raw materials within your supply chain

What is ISCC PLUS Certification?

ISCC PLUS is a sustainability certification program for bio-based and circular (recycled) raw materials for all markets and sectors not regulated as transportation fuels under the European Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED) or Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), which are covered under the ISSC EU certification scheme. 

With a focus on the traceability of raw materials within the supply chain, broad applications of the ISCC Plus standard include circular and bio-based materials such as plastics, food ingredients, animal feed, chemicals and bioenergy, as well as additional technical substances and other areas where the practical use of biomass exists. The ISCC PLUS certification scheme includes the sustainability and traceability criteria of all types of agricultural and forestry raw materials, such as crops and wood used in the production of biofuel. The ISCC PLUS scheme is becoming the globally recognized standard for the recovery of waste and residues that provide the feedstocks for circular plastics, chemical intermediates, and therefore a wide variety of consumer facing products like packaging, housewares, toys, etc.

SCS’ independent third-party ISCC PLUS certification ensures that your company complies with globally recognized ecological and social sustainability requirements, voluntary greenhouse gas emissions reductions and traceability throughout your supply chain.  An ISCC PLUS certification through SCS provides entry into the Circular Economy.

Why Choose SCS?

Having worked with the ISCC since its inception, SCS Global Services is one of the leading ISCC certifiers globally. As a firm specializing in sustainability, our technical team has a chemical processing background with decades of collective experience across all types of feedstocks and supply chains. On our team, we have Lifecycle Analysis practitioners and former plant managers. We have certified many of the largest North American companies in the value chain for ISCC PLUS, including many upstream suppliers and downstream producers globally.

SCS also offers certifications to the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certification. This means we can provide a “one stop shopping” service for companies seeking both ISCC PLUS and RSB certifications. As such, we can help clients become certified to multiple standards cost effectively because our auditors are cross trained and local.

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Companies can benefit from ISCC PLUS certification in the following ways:

  • Verification and validation of your company’s commitment to limiting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts, including labor and land use impacts.
  • Expanded access to international markets that are increasingly recognizing ISSC PLUS as the standard of choice for industry sustainability certifications.
  • Brand visibility throughout the global supply chain as being a leader in sustainability and good environmental stewardship.

What is ISCC?

ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is an internationally recognized, multi-stakeholder organization that has developed several sustainability certifications programs. Their programs focus on sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, biogenic wastes, circular materials and renewables. ISSC offers three sustainability schemes aimed at different markets: ISCC EU, ISCC PLUS, and ISCC CORSIA. Each scheme relies on similar structures and approaches to maintain integrity and environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices.

What are some of the requirements of ISCC PLUS Certification?

ISCC PLUS certification addresses the following criteria: good agricultural practices to protect soil, water, and air; safe working conditions; compliance with human, labor, and land rights; good management practices; continuous improvement initiatives; and compliance with local and regional laws and international treaties. It maintains these requirements though the entire chain of custody from the producer of the raw material to the final brand owner.

What is the difference between ISCC PLUS and ISCC EU?

Per ISCC, ISCC EU is a certification system that demonstrates compliance with the legal sustainability requirements specified in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and Fuel Quality Directive (FQD). ISCC PLUS is a certification system for all markets and sectors not regulated by the RED or FQD, such as the food, feed, chemical and energy markets and for technical applications. Under ISCC PLUS, all types of agricultural and forestry raw materials, waste and residues, non-bio renewables and recycled carbon materials and fuels are covered.

Does ISCC PLUS certification guarantee traceability?

Yes, ISCC PLUS certification guarantees traceability of the raw materials audited as well as the whole supply chain in conformance with established ISCC standards. Certification to the ISCC PLUS standard proves the entire supply chain complies with legal requirements within the global economy.

IS ISCC PLUS certification compliant with the EU RED?

Unlike ISSC EU certification which is specifically geared towards meeting EU regulations pertaining to transportation fuels, ISCC PLUS is a certification for non-regulated markets that fall outside of the European Commission’s RED and FQD such as Japan and the United States and expands upon the ISCC EU certification by including raw materials not covered in the RED and FQD regulatory requirements. Included in the list of acceptable products are bioplastics and mixed plastic wastes, chemicals, and agricultural raw materials that are used in food and animal feed.

  1. Apply for Certification

    Fill out an SCS Application form: EnglishSpanish | Chinese | which provides us with the details of your site and operation. SCS will return a proposal for your approval with suggested scope of work, timeline and quote. To initiate the certification process, return a signed proposal and work order.

  2. Pre-Assessment (Optional)

    Review your current systems and practices against the requirements of the ISCC Standard in order to identify areas that may need further work before undertaking a full audit. Consider undertaking a pre-assessment with SCS.

  3. Register On-line

    SCS registers your company with ISCC’s on-line management system.

  4. Schedule an Audit

    SCS assigns an auditor and audit dates will be proposed. Once an audit date is confirmed, an audit plan is provided to ensure that your team is prepared.

  5. On-site Audit

    An on-site assessment of your operations is carried out to evaluate your compliance with the ISCC Standard. After the audit is completed, the SCS auditor provides you with an Audit Report that lists any non-conformities. You can discuss these findings and ask questions with the auditor at the closing meeting.

  6. Complete Corrective Actions

    Identified non-conformities must be addressed and evidence of corrective actions provided to SCS within a specific time. In some circumstances it may be necessary for the auditor to return to the site to check that appropriate corrective action has been taken.

  7. Make Certification Decision

    SCS reviews the Audit Report and Corrective Action documentation to make a certification decision. SCS can also provide client marketing support.

  8. Receive Certificate

    For those who achieve certification, a final audit report and certificate is issued. A copy of the report is automatically sent to the ISCC.


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