Green Squared®

Экологическое лидерство в плиточной промышленности

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Green Squared ® is the first multi-attribute sustainability standard developed for tile and tile installation products by The Tile Council of North America. Green Squared combines the transparency and consensus of the ANSI process combined with third-party certification to validate and communicate product sustainability throughout the lifecycle. Certification provides confidence to specifiers and contributes to a host of green building certification schemes including LEED, Green Globes, NAHB, is U.S. EPA Recommended and GSA Specified. The standard covers product characteristics, manufacturing, end of life management, progressive corporate governance and innovation to establish sustainability criteria for products. Certification is valid for five years with annual surveillance audits. SCS Global Services is one of only two providers of Green Squared Certification.

SCS Global Services is a leading third-party verification body with nearly 40-years of experience. As one of the original and only certifiers for Green Squared, SCS provides specially trained and knowledgeable auditors to assess each of your facilities and maintain surveillance over your facilities during the certification period. Backed by the leading tile industry association TCNA, Green Squared is the benchmark for tile manufactures and the manufacturers of tile installation materials to stand out in their sector. SCS provides a single source for certifications in the green building industry. Complimentary certifications include EPDs, HPDs, Recycled ContentFloorScore and more.

  • Подробности программы
  • Процесс
  • Соответствие требованиям заказчика
  • Преимущества
  • Программные документы

Соответствующие требованиям продукты

На сертификацию может претендовать следующая продукция, включая, но не ограничиваясь: керамическая, фарфоровая и стеклянная плитка; камень; и соответствующие товары для монтажа.

Критерии сертификации

Согласно стандарту сертификации Green Squared, продукция оценивается на основе успешного соответствия критериям по пяти категориям:

  • Характеристики продукта
  • Производство и добыча сырья
  • Управление окончанием срока службы продукции
  • Прогрессивное корпоративное управление
  • Инновации

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