Water Stewardship and Resiliency Certification

Demonstrate and communicate effective water stewardship and resiliency practices for your organization.

Certify Your Organization’s Water Stewardship Achievements

SCS Global Services offers Certification for Water Stewardship and Resiliency to help organizations gain deeper understanding of site-specific water data, pursue continuous improvement and increase consumer awareness of your water stewardship achievements with transparent on-product claims.  

Climate resilience and water accessibility are foundational components of an organization’s sustainability journey and intimately connected to the land and surrounding communities. The SCS Certification is underpinned by SCS 116, the Certification Standard for Water Stewardship and Resiliency. This practical and comprehensive standard leverages water metrics and place-based data such as geography, local climate, watershed management, and best water stewardship practices to assess relevant and accessible reductions in water usage. The standard encourages organizations to create opportunities for strategic shifts in operations and finances to adapt to changing water conditions and climatic changes. Above all, certification highlights organizational achievements and provides a framework to help organizations consider the uncertainty of, and the everchanging conditions of the water supply. 

SCS Water Stewardship Certification encourages organizations to reach the highest level of water stewardship and resiliency practices including:

  • Adopting nature-based solutions and innovative technologies
  • Increasing water resiliency and resource management
  • Engaging with their surrounding communities
  • Promoting transparency by communicating an organization’s impact on the environment and progress over time
  • Recognizing organizations that implement responsible water practices

Go Above and Beyond With Trailblazer Claims

Certified producers have the option to pursue additional “Trailblazer” recognition demonstrating leadership in the following social and environmental categories: 


Natural Habitat and Biodiversity Impacts 

Nature Based Solutions 

Innovative Technologies 

Water Circularity 

Net-Zero Water Use Net-Positive Water Use

Water Quality Improvement 

Community Engagement    

Why Choose SCS?

At SCS Global Services, we stand out as a global leader in third-party certification, with over 40 years of dedicated experience with clients in almost every sector. Our Water Services team of technical experts actively contributes to developing and refining industry standards, frameworks, and certification schemes. We take pride in our extensive experience across major industries and sectors, offering a wide range of certifications to top companies worldwide. Our commitment to excellence extends to our logistical capabilities, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery. The Water Services team are passionate about making a positive impact through our work. We strive to empower organizations to achieve their climate and water-related goals, demonstrating that together, we can drive meaningful change for generations to come. 

  • Certification Process
  • Program Documents
  1. Apply for Scope and Certification
    Fill out the SCS Water Stewardship Certification Application form to scope out the project and sign the SCS Professional Services Agreement.
  2. Approve the Work Order 
    SCS generates a work order describing the audit scope and costs.
  3. Complete a Self-Assessment (Optional)
    SCS generates a work order describing the audit scope and costs.
  4. Stage 1 Audit 
    Review of documentation and records
  5. Stage 2 Audit (Initial Audit – Year 0)
    On-site audit (1/2 day) of an opening meeting, physical inspection of the site, interviews with personnel, and a closing meeting
  6. Review and Respond to Audit Findings 
    A detailed audit report is delivered with audit findings and a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for the organization to respond to any non-conformities noted, listing corrective actions and evidence of implementation.
  7. Certification Decision
    SCS Audit team reviews the audit report and CAP and a SCS Technical reviewer makes the certification decision. If certification is granted, the organization is issued a formal certificate, along with the SCS Kingfisher certification mark and logo use guidelines. SCS can also provide client marketing support.
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