LCIA Methodology for Roundwood and Pulp/Paper PCRs

Oct 20, 2016

Product Category Rules (PCRs) for Roundwood, Pulp, and Paper Products have been finalized. Please feel free to download one or all three of the following documents:

  • LCIA Methodology for Roundwood and Pulp/Paper PCRs
  • PCR Module for Market Pulp and Paper
  • PCR Module for Roundwood

The LCA methodology contained in these PCR documents provide standardized protocols for addressing all relevant environmental and human health impacts from wood and paper production. These PCR documents also contain detailed algorithms and data requirements for LCA, intended to provide results which are of a high enough precision and accuracy to be useful in decision making, product comparisons, improvement in environmental conditions, and in other applications of LCA. These documents were developed by a multi-stakeholder group composed of environmental NGOs, industry representatives, academics, and LCA experts, and underwent a public comment period and external peer review prior to finalization and publication.